Paktron Background

Paktron History:

Time      Event

1953        ACF Electronics started in Alexandria, Virginia

1960       Illinois Tool Works (ITW) purchases ACF’s module div9isio n and renames it Paktron

1966        Production start-up in Lynchburg, Virginia

1969        Current Lynchburg facility built

1982       Consolidated Production in Lynchburg

1985       Production start-up of Angstor® Capacitors

1992       Production start-up of Capstick® Capacitor

1996       Production of Surfilm® NG Capacitor

2011       Milestone Partners purchases Paktron and merges it under Pancon Corporation



Angstor Capacitors®
Capstick Capacitors®
Quencharc Snubber Networks®
Surfilm Capacitors®