Automotive Signal / Sensors

Today’s automotive market is producing smarter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles with each model year. This technological innovation requires highly reliable interconnect and power products. Pancon has been a leading supplier to the automotive industry for more than 50 years. Pancon engineered connector and capacitor solutions range from passive safety signal and sensor modules, comfort control and keyless entry connectors to hydraulic / electrical interface units for hybrid and electric vehicles including custom capacitors for charging stations and power supplies. Tier One automotive systems manufacturers rely on Pancon as their go-to source for these unique applications.
Pancon connector, compliant pin (press fit / eye of the needle contacts) and capacitor solutions save our customers valuable engineering and manufacturing time and ensure the overall reliability of the final product. From individual connector, discrete contacts and highly reliable capacitors to custom over- or insert-molded sensors and housings, Pancon offers the solution.