The Pancon MIE Molded Connector Housings

Whether your program requires a simple insert-molded two pin connector, or complex lead-frame with a molded in place seal, Pancon MIE will deliver an on-time, cost effective, quality solution to exceed your program needs.

Pancon MIE offers over 25 years of automotive engineering, manufacturing, quality and program management experience and knowledge to support your unique program needs and challenges.

From in-house automation development to stamping, to vertical axis insert-molding, Pancon MIE will meet and exceed your program goals.

About Pancon MIE

Pancon MIE, a Pancon Corporation company, is an ISO/TS 16949 certified and registered manufacturer of insert-molded electrical interconnects, housings, lead frames and electronic modules as well as many other insert-molded products for the Automotive OEMs and their Tier supply chain partners.
Pancon MIE manufactures precision components utilizing automated robotic assembly work cell technology in conjunction with horizontal and vertical molding presses,  ranging from 60 to 245 Tons, in our 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Temecula, California USA.

Automation Design & Development

Pancon MIE automated work cells are designed and built as dedicated, product specific, manufacturing systems. Each automated assembly work cell is designed by ourengineers to your exact product and quality specifications.

In House Design
• Work-cell layout
• End of arm tooling

• End of line testers

Engineering and Automation Support
• Mechanical and electrical engineering
• Electrical controls and programming
• Vision system development and programming