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Paktron Capacitors Maintains some of the shortest lead times in the industry!

During a time of historically high lead times for passive electronic components1, with some film capacitor manufacturers reporting up to 42+ weeks for order fulfillment2 , Paktron Capacitors is proud to announce the we are maintaining our standard 8-10 week lead time2, one of the shortest in the industry! If capacitor lead times are affecting your manufacturing productivity please contact us to see if we can offer a solution!

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Paktron Capacitors

NameVoltageCapacitanceDescriptionPDF Catalog SheetEngineering Documentation
RA Angstor100-500 V0.1-10.0 μFRadial lead style, taped, efficient sizeRA-Angstor
CS Capstick50-500 V0.33-10.0 μFThru hole and SMD, epoxy coatedCS-CapstickCapstick-Customer-Drawing
CB Capstick 2nd Generation100 V2.0-10.0 μFThru hole and SMD, shellCB-Capstick-2nd-Gen
CB-FS Capstick 3rd Generation100-500 V0.47-10.0 μFThru hole and SMD, shell, Pb-free solderingCB-Capstick-3rd-Gen
ST Surfilm100 V1.0-2.2 μFSMD, chip, EIA sizesST-Surfilm
Q/QRL Quencharc200-1600 V0.1-1.0 μFRadial lead style, epoxy coated, RC snubberQRL-Quencharc
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