||Rings & Spades - Partially Insulated

Partially Insulated Rings and Spades

For uninsulated rings and spades please determine the width needed to fit in your space limitation, i.e., .240, .300, .375, etc. Determine what type you need whether it’s a ring spade flanged spade etc. The stud size will be listed, along with wire size and insulation range. Insulation support is an added feature on most terminals listed.

Ark-Les Spade and Ring terminals are precision-made from the finest materials available. They consistently exhibit superior electrical and mechanical performance, with temperature rise and millivolt drop characteristics among the lowest in the industry. Our terminals are designed, manufactured and closely monitored through statistical process control to insure conformance on critical dimensions. The Nylon sleeves used are rated for use to 105 degrees C, and feature a chamfered, funnel entry barrel that ensures smooth insertion. The barrel has serrations for maximum contact area and holding power. If you do not see something you need please feel free to contact us.